History / Timeline

In 2006, Kingdom Creations Enterprises (KCE) was organized through the State of Michigan as a nonprofit organization and a catalyst for the entrepreneurial community in which job creation, innovation, and economic revitalization could flourish. After an overwhelming response, Ms. Gordon began developing curriculum and evidence-based theoretical program that produced successful outcomes to help eradicate poverty. Ms. Gordon also formed partnerships with local banks, colleges, businesses and other nonprofit originations to build a therapeutic community that supports self-sufficiency. Ms. Gordon decided to beat all odds and applied for funding without an IRS 501c3 determination. KCE was awarded their first grant from Prevention Network in 2007. KCE was then awarded their second grant through New Detroit, which funded their 1023 application process and propelled the organization towards success. Kingdom Creation Enterprises is now a 501c3 IRS tax-exempt organizations and has received multiple funding awards from New Detroit and various other foundations and corporate support. We have invested thousands of dollars in our constituents and have spent endless days thinking about how to transform disadvantaged individuals into emerging entrepreneurs With the help of the community we can disseminate theoretically based programs that mobilize communities across Michigan, Florida and internationally. Thanks to the help of our partners and generous contributions we can help make the world a better place.