About Us

Kingdom Creations Enterprises is a non –profit social entrepreneurship organization that creates healthy communities with job creation and material/educational assistance.

Why Do We Exist?

… to eradicate poverty by providing economic development through changing the quality of life via self identification, improvement, transformation and self sufficiency. K.C.E. will create economic development through global synergistic collaborations within the communities and the creation of social business structures that are mission driven.

Our Mission:

Can you image a society without jobs and healthcare, or a society with a crime rate so high that people are afraid to walk outside? Everyday, economies are loosing jobs and people are living without healthcare. At Kingdom Creations Enterprises it is our mission to create jobs and provide healthy lifestyles for youth and adults through entrepreneurship, self sufficiency, financial and material assistance, education, training and crime/drug prevention. We synergistically collaborate to create sustainable solutions. KCE creates the change we want to see.

Our primary programs are:

* Youth entrepreneurial program (A.T.O.D., Alcohol, Tobacco, & other drugs)
* Adult Business Planning Classes

We will actively empower the community by engaging in, but not limited to the following activities:

*Organize and sponsor community inspirational conferences
*Facilitate Enrichment classes & Programs
*Life skills, Self Esteem
*Entrepreneurial training
*Home Ownership
*Family Planning
*A.T.O.D. Prevention
*Crime & Violence Prevention
*Provide educational materials, ( i.e. pamphlets, websites, CD’s, videos, newsletters)
*Provide financial, and material resources to low income residents
*Housing, furniture, food, utility assistance
*Grants, loans, stipends, jobs
*Build supportive networks with schools, business, governments and community
*Creation of community resource building


* Love
* Family
* Community
* Compassion
* Integrity
* Canadian Pharmacy
* Empowerment
* Civic Responsibility
* Accountability
* Transparency
* Commitment
* Excellence